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Ralph Lauren is built on the American dream and rooted in entrepreneurial spirit. Our teams are dynamic, collaborative and innovative, and we are always looking to build them with the strongest, most creative people in the world. If you're ready to take chances, fuel your passion and forge ahead to continue evolving the Company's legacy of excellence, your journey is only just beginning.


Belonging at Ralph Lauren isn’t isolated to the first few weeks—it’s an everyday aspiration and a key part of making Ralph Lauren’s founding vision a reality. We work together as one team, but we also value individuality. We recognize that it’s important to take every chance to give you opportunities to bring your one-of-a-kind energy to the table, whether you’re doing good work both inside and outside our Company walls, organizing a fashion show viewing or joining in for a Global Town Hall. Each employee contributes to our success.

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At Ralph Lauren, we like to inspire and to be inspired. The brainstorming between our family of passionate, talented leaders and colleagues truly never begins or ends.
Collaboration is a building block of our success and innovation is a central mission, starting with the all-hands-on-deck RL Idea Lab, a place to let all the voices in our community be heard, engaged and elevated. You are our inspiration—and we work every day to be yours.


Your success is our success. At Ralph Lauren, we believe in celebrating each other's great work. We reinforce the feeling of being all in this together with our peer recognition program (Bravo!) and our Legacy Awards for RL community members who’ve hit major milestones.


The Ralph Lauren family has no limits. We value life-long learners and are committed to providing the tools and resources for employees to navigate a career journey fueled by passion. We are deeply invested in employees’ personal development at every phase and offer continuous learning opportunities ranging from on-the job training, peer-to-peer collaboration and formal training both inside and outside the Company. We believe your career doesn't have to be a straight line, think of it as a shoelace. We encourage our employees to pursue job rotations because the way your skills, talents, and passions tie together are how you find your best self.

My Ralph Lauren Story

Hear from RL community members whose stories weave together to make the Company's rich fabric.


VP, Concept Design

New York, NY

My Ralph Lauren story...

I don’t have a formal design background. I liked fashion, but I always loved Ralph Lauren. I was exposed to Ralph Lauren at a very young age and starting super young I always knew what I thought was cool.

I am motivated every day by...

I have a lot of energy, I have a lot of passion–whether I apply it to a design concept room or when I’m with my family or surfing.


Associate Merchandiser

New York, NY

My most encouraging RL colleagues...

Since I joined the Company in 2015, two bosses in particular have taught me to be more confident, thorough and intellectually curious. They have always encouraged me to follow my passion and have been supportive in my career decisions. They are still mentors of mine today.

I am inspired every day by...

A combination of passion for fashion and ability to constantly develop. My friends and family joke because I’m “that person” who says every Sunday, “I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!” Nothing is better than working in an industry, Company and department where you know you’re meant to be.


Assistant Floor Manager - Men’s Polo

Regent Street, London

My Ralph Lauren story...

I was 16 and looking for my first job in 2011. My local RL outlet store was looking for Christmas temps. I never thought I would ever have my first job at such a high-profile company. I was looking for an induction into adulthood and RL gave that and so much more. It doesn’t feel like work!

RL has changed me completely. At 16 I didn’t have a lot confidence, but RL gave me skills and experience that really shaped me and allowed me to do things I never thought I would. I also dress a lot better!


Manager, Printing

Hong Kong

One word that embodies RL is...

LOVE. The Company makes an effort to take care of its employees but also organizes charity events for those in need outside the Company. Opportunities to develop your strengths and career path, plus health and wellness learning show that RL cares about its employees inside and out.

I am inspired every day by...

My relationships. My manager always supports me in my work, which gives me great confidence. I am also fortunate enough to get great help and support from my New York counterparts. I’ve seen time and again since I came to the Company in 1991 that we all work together to find solutions.


VP, Club Monaco E-Commerce

New York, NY

What Ralph Lauren means to me...

I’m really passionate about the brand. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with work at this company. It is the kind of company that when you come here, people really love the brand and they really, really love the clothes.

I am motivated every day by...

I think that love and passion is vital to being successful here because it’s a very specific environment. We’re very fast-paced, as fashion is, but we tend to be even faster. The speed of decision-making here is very quick, so you need to be a specific type of person and if you are, you love it here and you tend to work here for a really long time.


Associate, Concept Design

New York, NY

Ralph Lauren means to me...

Since I was 15, working part-time at the Rugby store, it’s always sort of been a part of my story and journey. I don’t think it was by accident that I wound up here and that I’m still here today.

What keeps us moving forward...

Persistence – manifesting your destiny and the things you want. I thought positively about the outcome of my goal and after a year, and my dream manifested itself. It’s a combination of a little bit of luck, a little bit of persistence and positive thinking.


Director, Marketing – Lauren

New York, NY

My Ralph Lauren story...

Ralph Lauren gave me the opportunity in 2014 to step in as a digital change-agent for the company. The opportunity to translate more than fifty years of history and legacy to an entire new generation of consumers is a really exciting challenge and opportunity we all face each day.

I am motivated every day by...

Incredible leaders who inspire me to work harder, think differently and bring a bit of my own personality to the work we do each day.


Legal Counsel APAC

Hong Kong

I joined the Company because...

RL is one of the biggest American fashion companies in the world. Being a part of this team since 2016 has offered a lot of opportunities and exposure on a regional and international level I would not be able to get elsewhere.

I am motivated every day because...

Fashion is changing every day, and we as a Company need to react and adapt quickly. Each new challenge we see here is our biggest motivation for personal growth and career development.


Shop-In-Shop Retail Manager


My Ralph Lauren story...

RL was a brand and a company that I had always liked and admired. I started my career at an outlet store as Sales Associate. My goal at that time was to develop good relationships with customers and learn the importance of teamwork. Upon joining Ralph Lauren, I had a sense of excitement and hope about my new job. I still remember the feeling and it has become my professional core to this day. This has made me who I am today.

What Ralph Lauren means to me...

To me, Ralph Lauren is a place that gives me passion, as well as exciting experiences to grow.

I have become even more grateful to my family and friends for their love and support since I started working at RL, and I now have a deeper understanding and respect for those relationships. My parents are proud of me for working at RL, and that makes me happy too.


Retail Manager, RRL


What Ralph Lauren means to me...

I had been working in the music industry since I was 19 years old. I then decided to do something related to fashion since, other than music, that is what I love. RL became more than a place for me to work. There are open and respectful relationships among staff and customers, a great work environment which holistically expresses the World of Ralph Lauren, and it makes me very proud to be part of the RL Family.

What Ralph Lauren means to me...

Ralph Lauren is the core of my lifestyle. They taught me how to express my lifestyle through profession and to suggest lifestyles to customers based on their preferences. If you are seeking for your true lifestyle, Ralph Lauren is the best place for you to find it. You can also experience the joy of offering the greatness of the brand to every single customer.

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