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Adobe Analytics Developer (Adobe Launch)

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Position Overview

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Tag Management - the ideal candidate would at least have experience with DTM (GTM would be acceptable if he/she shine in other areas). Launch experience would be good but is not a dealbreaker, as many of the same concepts exist in Launch as in DTM. Regardless of the specific tag manager, they should understand properties and the building blocks surrounding rule implementation (data elements, triggers/conditions, Launch events, actions) and the publishing flow. Preferably they’ll have worked with extensions before and understand how they can make the development process easier once installed. Furthermore they should be comfortable with the idea of tagging environments and understand how they are configured to capture data coming from different servers in the various report suites.

Adobe Administration - a good amount of experience within Adobe Analytics proper/Omniture is needed. They need familiarity with report suites as well as (analytics) events, props, vars and all of the attributes associated with those objects (e.g. allocation, expiry, polarity). Investigate issues involving more advanced concepts within Omniture (feeds, marketing channel classifications), so any additional experience working with report suites would be extremely valuable. Also, it would be helpful if they had some knowledge of the Adobe Admin Console and were able to assist with product profile and account setup for Launch.

Reporting – candidate should be fully capable of using ad hoc reporting to assist with QA or verify that tags are capturing data correctly. This means conceptual familiarity with metrics, dimensions, segmenting etc. Experience within the Adobe Reporting UI (both workspace and standard.

Communication/Organization – The ability to communicate clearly and directly with the business is a must.

The candidate should be proactive about suggesting improvements to existing practices, rigorously testing their own changes, predicting issues with incomplete or incorrect requirements and in many instances taking requirements that are essentially prose and translating them into something workable that can be tested against. They obviously should be fully capable of taking requirements and using them top create something akin to a test plan. Finally, analytics tickets can tend to be higher volume/smaller effort with a lot of shifting priorities, so it’s extremely important that they be able to effectively manage their queue.

Experience, Skills & Knowledge


Experience in Adobe Launch (preferably)/DTM, Adobe Analytics, JavaScript/CSS.

The ideal candidate would be familiar with at least some of the below items: Node.js, JS task automation and build tools (e.g. gulp/grunt), Git, Eclipse/VSCode IDEs, SFCC